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Meet The Team

President & CEO

Chairman, Board of Directors

James Hudak

ResponsibilitiesSteers the ship by developing and implementing corporate strategy with the team and keeping and delivering on promises to customers.

Best Business Advice Manage your boss. Tell him or her what you will do. Aim higher and achieve more and create value by doing more than just your job. Learn from everyone you can, the worst bosses can be the best mentors … you’ll learn what you don’t want to be. Hire people with better capabilities and skills than your own. Help your team operate at all levels of the company, including directly with your boss and above and mentor them through the process. Don’t worry about an employee or subordinate eclipsing you, rather embrace it and work for it. Everyone wins.

Favorite Place In MichiganI like different places for varied reasons, which is why I enjoy living here. There is more lifestyle variety than any other state or place I have visited or lived. There is always something for any season, activity or the mood I’m in. If I had to pick, northwest Michigan is my favorite place. Detroit is a close second because I grew up there and identify with the people in the area and the long-term success of the city.

What To Know About JimWorking in a global business opens up my world to so many different experiences and people. I enjoy talking with taxicab drivers wherever I visit. You can learn so much about their country and the way people live and spend their daily lives.

What Jim Does For FunI enjoy camping, livestock farming, boating, hunting, firearms, car racing, spending time with family and dogs, visiting small towns in Northern Michigan, attending sporting events and concerts in Detroit, and meeting and talking to people in Michigan and all over the world.

I also love to travel. I’ve visited amazing places and always came away with a great appreciation of those countries and their cultures. I had my kids live overseas and traveled quite extensively with them to provide them with an opportunity to see the world while appreciating how fortunate they are to live in the U.S. Two of them are now officers in the U.S. military, one in the Army and one in the National Guard.

VP of Corporate Strategy & Development

VP, Board of Directors

Marjorie Sorge

ResponsibilitiesWith the team assists in developing corporate strategies and assessing opportunities that help the company grow.

Best Business AdviceHire people smarter than you. It will pay off. Always take responsibility for your mistakes and the mistakes of your team. Never blame your team for them to your boss. If there is an issue, take it up with them separately. That is leadership.

Favorite Place In MichiganLudington. The public beach is outstanding, and it has one of the best, if not the best, state parks in Michigan. People in Ludington are kind and friendly. There are many restaurants with great food and the House of Flavors can’t be beat for ice cream or for food you just can’t get anywhere else.

What To Know About MargeI am a big believer in teamwork. No one is successful alone.

Before moving into the corporate world, I was an automotive journalist covering all areas of the automotive industry and I got to drive fast cars (and some not so fast cars) all over the world. I was a member of the North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year jury and the Car of the Century jury, which was made up of 133 professional automotive journalists from 33 countries. I am on the Board of Trustees for Kettering University and the Board of Directors for ARISE Detroit!, which works to improve the city’s neighborhoods.

What Marge Does For FunTravel. I have visited more than 50 countries and all but one state. Each country and state offered its own adventure, culture and tradition. Travel takes me out of my comfort zone and taught me to celebrate and respect differences and similarities. It made me a better person and gave me a great appreciation for the life I am blessed to have in the United States.

Chief Legal Counsel

 Secretary & Treasurer, Board of Directors

(Advisory Board Member)

Curtis Mistele

ResponsibilitiesKeeps the business in line with regulations and ensures all essential documents are accurate and filed on time and provide direction on major legal and regulatory issues.

Best Business AdviceAttitude. Attitude is the little thing that makes a big difference. Attitude is the engine of effort, focus, and resilience. Attitude will find solutions.

Favorite Place In MichiganPictured Rocks, Lake Superior

What to Know About CurtI’ve been a board member of Judson Center for approximately 20 years. Judson Center is a social service agency that provides foster care, adoption, autism assistance, behavioral health services and more to children and their families.

What Curt Does For FunI enjoy hiking the woods, road trips, and watching my kids’ participate in various sports.

VP of Northern Michigan Operations

VP, Board of Directors

Sandra Hudak

ResponsibilitiesManages Arcadia Travel &Tour and help with Michigan Alliances Foundation.

I create tours and help find accommodations for businesses, families and individuals looking to visit and enjoy northwest Michigan. Currently, we have one house listed on VRBO. It’s a beautiful log home on a 40-acre farm located directly across the street from Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club’s South Course. I also work with local businesses interested in exporting their great products. That is another tier of Michigan Alliance Corp.’s overall business strategy. My work with the foundation focuses on local children in need. We have a horse farm and are in the planning stages of a day camp for kids.

Best Business AdviceTake one day at a time. Try not to get overwhelmed, there's always tomorrow. Try to smile and have fun. Remember teamwork is the answer. It encourages personal growth, increases job satisfaction and reduces stress.

Favorite Place To Live In MichiganPentwater would be my favorite place. I lived there my whole life and then some. They have the best stores to shop, and the beaches will always be my favorite. So many memories there with my friends. The winters are great, too.

What To Know About SandieWhen I was kid, my mom worked as a nurses’ aid at the Hart (Michigan) Medical Facility. I helped her out sometimes and became a nurses’ aid at the facility before I went to college. One of the things I remember was how much the residents loved the annual fishing trip to Pentwater. We sometimes would help bait their hooks and the smiles were a great reward. I loved the care we gave the patients so in college I studied to become a medical assistant. I did that for 30 years and now want to bring that same level of caring and attention to detail to the Michigan Alliance Corp., Arcadia Travel & Tour and the Michigan Alliances Foundation.

What Sandie Does For FunI enjoy horseback riding, boating and camping. Spending time with family and friends is my favorite thing. My husband, three stepchildren, two children, two dogs, two horses, one cow and one cat keep me busy, and I love them all.

Leadership Team

VP, Sales & Business Development

Francis Moon

ResponsibilitiesSales and new business development for the Asia region, with a focus on Korean customers.

Best Business AdviceStrive to understand what the customers want and do your best to achieve that goal by solving their needs. As the saying goes, "Jininsa Daechunmyung" - put forth your best effort in everything and await the will of heaven. In the era of globalization, make an effort to understand different cultures and business practices in each country. If a customer's request is localized, persuade them to adjust the goals to achieve the best results, meeting global standards.

Favorite Place in MichiganNear the lakes in the summer and high mountains in northern Michigan during the winter

What To Know About FrancisI have more than 40 years of experience working in the engineering field of corporate research institutes in both Korea and the United States, as well as in the sales field of a global automotive parts company in the U.S. I hold a PhD in engineering and am fluent in three languages … my native Korean, as well as English and Japanese.

What Francis Does For FunI enjoy singing and have been a part of a choir for more than 20 years. Singing energizes me. Recently, I started photography as a new hobby, finding joy in looking at the world through the lens and capturing moments.

Assistant Manager, Sales & Administration

McKenna Littiebrant

ResponsibilitiesOur organizing guru …she keeps the people and paperwork on track and does our IT work.

Best Business AdviceDream within reason and exceed your expectations

Favorite Place In MichiganPentwater is my favorite place in Michigan because of all the great childhood memories I gathered from my grandparents living there. Going out on the boat every weekend and going tubing was the highlight of every summer. Let's not forget Pentwater Candy Company being the best candy store in the state.

What To Know About McKennaI'm interested in learning new things every day. I also love all animals, from my pet rats to my cow. I enjoy reading any John Grisham book or anything about haunted Michigan.

What McKenna Does For FunI like to do anything outside, boating, hunting, fishing, biking, and disc golfing. My goal is to go to all 621 disc golf courses in Michigan and my favorite is at St. Ambrose Cellars in Beulah. When the snow flies, you’ll find me out on the trails cross country skiing and listening to alternative rock music.

Senior Vice President & General Manager, The Millerschin Group

John Tews

Best Business AdviceSurround yourself with good people -- even some that are smarter and have more experience than you -- who are passionate about what they do and are willing to work hard for the benefit of the team rather than for individual accolades.

Favorite Place In MichiganAnywhere that is near water!

What to Know About JohnI’ve been in the PR business for 30 years and seeing the results of a well-written press release or good pitch still motivates me as much today as it did early in my career. Outside of work, I’m a huge fan of jam bands and I’ve seen The Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band, Gov’t Mule, and the various spin-offs of the Grateful Dead (Dead & Company, Further, Rat Dog, Phil Lesh and Friends) too many times to count!

What John Does For FunOutside of work, I enjoy music, sports, fishing, photography and spending time with family.

Partner, Audit & Assurance, Schlaupitz Madhavan P.C

Carrie Hammons

Best Business AdviceKnowing the success of our firm is centered on our client’s success, the best business advice provided is different for every client. With my years of experience in public accounting, it is not only about sharing with client’s significant issues and related solutions, but also equally important to share best practices and recommendations to help clients achieve their goals.

Favorite Place in MichiganI enjoy spending most of my free time with my husband at our country home in Atlanta, Michigan.

What to Know About CarrieCarrie holds a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University and has been a licensed CPA since 2005. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which is a national professional organization of Certified Public Accountants in the United States and a member of the Michigan Association of CP. which is a professional organization with resources to help CPAs advance their career, stay in compliance and up to date on new standards. Additionally, Carrie is a member of one of the Troy Chamber of Commerce “Business Development Groups.” It is an industry-exclusive networking organization that helps foster business growth while creating long-term value in building relationships with other trusted referral partners in a variety of industries.

What Carrie Does for FunWhen I have free time, I like catching up on a few favorite TV series with my husband Favorite shows include Shark Tank, a business-related reality TV show where investment seeking entrepreneurs make business presentations to a panel of investors (aka “Sharks”), who then choose whether to invest in their company as business partners. I also like the One Chicago series of shows, which includes Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med, which is about three different teams of first responders in the City of Chicago. The characters from one show will pop into the stories of another show which keeps it interesting. I also love everything about the fall season. From enjoying the great outdoors in its simplest form of watching wildlife to casual short walks, to visiting cider mills, to making ginger pumpkin pecan pancakes for breakfast or dinner.

Director, Corporate Benefits Solutions, Lau & Lau Associates

Joyce Leinenger

Best Business AdviceAlways ask yourself what is the best next step for your organization? What are your goals, and where you want to be in the future? Too often clients ask me “What did we do last year?” or “What are your other clients doing?” While it’s important to consider history and benchmarks, finding the right next step on your own path is what drives success. Be willing to be different if you want your results to be different.

Favorite Place In Michigan“Up North.” I love being anywhere in northern Michigan, but my favorite spot is at our little family cottage off M-22 on Long Lake.

What To Know About JoyceI am a mom of two boys. I have been with Lau & Lau for more than 30 years and dearly love the lasting relationships that has created. I love problem solving. There are always solutions and finding the right one is an interesting puzzle.

What Joyce Does For FunThere’s not a lot of down time, so what there is is spent with family and friends. Exploring a new place is always a favorite and hanging out at the cottage on a sunny summer day.

Founder of Advance Purchasing Dynamics

Jeoff Burris

Best Business Advice Have a plan B

Favorite Place In Michigan“Up North”

What To Know About JeoffMy name was misspelled on my birth certificate, and I've had to live with it.

What Jeoff Does For Fun Woodworking

Senior Vice President of Advocate Advisors

Ben Herman

Best Business Advice Provide value to customers, meet their expectations for satisfaction and loyalty. Adapt to industry trends, technology, and market changes. Communicate clearly with customers, employees, and partners for trust and collaboration. Build strong relationships for business growth and sustainability.

Favorite Place In MichiganCommerce, Michigan is dear to me for its tranquil natural surroundings, with serene lakes and lush greenery offering a peaceful haven. The tight-knit and welcoming community in Commerce fosters a sense of belonging, making it an ideal destination to appreciate Michigan's beauty while enjoying a warm and friendly atmosphere.

What To Know About BenI'm a dedicated family man who finds joy in the bonds we share. Passionate about sports, I love the excitement, camaraderie, and competition that the world of sports brings into my life.

What Ben Does For FunMy idea of fun revolves around cherished moments with family and friends. Whether it's relaxing by the lakeside, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply spending quality time together, creating lasting memories is at the core of my enjoyment. Raising my daughter adds an extra layer of fulfillment as we navigate the journey of parenthood together.

Advisory Board

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